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season 4
Til Death Do Us Part

Journalist Natalie Harnett contacts the OSIR to investigate a series of strange occurrences in her home. To Donner, she admits her wish that the apparent haunting is an indication of life after death, because someone to whom she is close is about to die: while researching an article on the death penalty, she struck up a friendship with death row inmate Josh Webster, whose execution is imminent.

That night, Natalie is convinced Josh is with her: She feels a sudden chill. Senses a presence. The ring Josh gave her slides across the table, bumping into a poetry book open to his favorite sonnet. On her computer screen, the words "I AM HERE" appear. Donner thinks that in anticipation of death, his spirit is attempting contact, while colleague Stone believes Josh's fate might be sparking an astral projection ??en the soul detaches from the physical body for a period of time, much like a near-death experience.

When fellow inmate Wayne Lund, a serial killer, professes to have heard Josh talk to Natalie while sleeping, the OSIR is authorized to monitor Josh the night before his execution. At home, Natalie is convinced Josh has come. Through a cold wind, fingers run down her bare arms and a vague human form appears, whispering "I am here" before fading away. Back in the prison, however, Axon monitors only a slight vibrational reading.

The next morning, the warden prepares Josh for the execution ??th Axon's warning to awake the prisoner slowly to avoid damage to the astral cord. Yet as he comes to, Josh remembers nothing. Following the execution, the OSIR is curious why Josh's dream recollections didn't improve as his supposed strength in contacting Natalie increased. Convinced they overlooked something, Stone notes that Axon's faint vibration might have come from another source.. then recalls seeing the "I am here" message in photos of Lund's grizzly killings.

Suddenly, a high-level vibrational reading is picked up at the mobile lab: an astral body has entered Natalie's house. Donner races to warn Natalie of the danger she's in, while Axon rushes to prison and finds Lund in a deep trance. The surviving prisoner, instead, has been visiting Natalie ??d his astral body now has her trapped. Against the clock, the OSIR must return Lund's spirit to his physical body before he adds name to his deadly list.